San Antonio Texas - Military Town U.S.A.

San Antonio BRAC OpportunitySan Antonio has a strong military history that pre-dates the 1900s. The Alamo area's families proudly support of its military and service members. Military installations have bolstered the economy ever since 1910 when Ft. Sam Houston hosted the very first launch of military aviation. San Antonio is the home of several large military bases as well as numerous government installations and projects. The upcoming San Antonio BRAC project alone is projected to have an $8.3 billion
impact on the local economy and generate more than 90,000 jobs for military and civil
service personnel.  The rapid development of San Antonio's government sector provides ample
fuel for the growth of the town's core medical, hospitality, and tourism industries,
creating myriad job opportunities for military personnel and their families.

Economic Impact - BRAC

Overall - 8.3 Billion
Sales Tax Revenue - 10.4 million
90,000 - Direct or Spin-Off Jobs
    62,000 - Construction Jobs
    12,000 - Military and Civil Service Positions at Fort Sam Houston
Source: Joint Program Management Office

Two major military hospitals are here: Wilford Hall Medical Center and Brook Army Medical Center, completed in 1996.